FSA change of advice – key points

FSA has changed its official advice (11 October 2017) to say that runny eggs are safe for all pregnant women, babies, elderly people

– as long as they have the British Lion mark on Lion safetyBritish Lion Quality

  • British Lion eggs are the safest in the world – this is great news for pregnant women, mums of young babies and elderly people
  • Only Lion eggs that have this endorsement – look for the Lion on the egg
  • Because of the testing and checks that we do, we have been confident in the safety of Lion eggs for some time so it is great that the FSA has now changed its advice following an extensive review.

Egg nutrition

  • Nutritionally eggs are ideal for the very young and very old – highest quality protein, packed with vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D.

Support messages

  • This is a British success story – the UK egg industry leads the way in food safety
  • More than 90% of UK eggs are produced within the independently audited British Lion scheme
  • Huge opportunity for British egg industry because new groups of people can now enjoy eggs however they like
Runny yolk