Contaminated eggs? A Great time to buy fresh and local!

Eggs from Holland that don’t meet our standards have been imported for use in a variety of egg based products such as egg mayonnaise and salads.

British supermarkets have withdrawn 11 products from their shelves.

Whilst the danger to the British public is considered to be small, it is a great reminder of just how well managed Free Range British poultry farms are. The care and consideration our lovely ladies receive at Blackdown Hill Westcountry Eggs couldn’t be higher.

In a world when convenience food is so popular, it is worth looking just how easy these recipes are to make with fresh, quality eggs produced on your doorstep! Check out our recipes pages for some tasty ideas…

And remember, all UK laid eggs stamped with the British Lion mark are safe to eat and we are proud to say all our eggs carry the mark!

A great time to buy local and fresh!



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