We recognise that our farm doesn’t exist in isolation – corporate, social and environmental responsibilities are important to us.

We are committed to consider and to minimise any impact caused by all that we do in relation to our activities throughout the business.

This includes:

  1. ensuring good working practices,
  2. minimising noise, dust, smell, pollution risk,
  3. maximising recycling, and energy use,
  4. plus developing green power generation.


We also try and support our local community whenever possible and one such endeavour is helping Open Door Taunton, who work with the homeless by supplying them with our Free Range Eggs. READ MORE

We have also planted 1,000s of trees on our farm, which is not only great for the environment but also helps to create a rich biodiversity of plants and animals. The trees and shrubs also help the birds to range further by offering protection and shelter and by being closer to a natural habitat this is similar to the environment of our birds ancestors – jungle fowl.

Solar energy gives us the power we need to support our farming operations and we generate extra energy with our Biomass Boiler for our packing operations.