free range hens on a trampoline
Ken Cottey

Happier, Healthier Hens

Happier, Healthier Hens

Spending more time outside foraging makes for happier, healthier hens that produce better quality eggs, so we encourage our hens to roam free in a stimulating environment.

We have worked closely with FWAG (Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group), we allow our hens to follow their natural ‘jungle fowl’ instinct to shelter under tree canopies. To help, we’ve planted large areas of native woodland trees close to the hen houses, including oak, ash and hazel. In daylight, they really are free to roam.

Inside their houses, the hens enjoy spacious, clean and comfortable resting areas.

For their quality of life, and for tastier eggs, we feed our hens top-quality natural feed, but they also have access to grass, grubs and grit to aid their digestion. And there is plenty of opportunity for a good dust bath, a popular activity among hens that helps protect them from parasites.