the Cotteys

The Cottey family has run a dairy and beef farm here for generations, but our focus today is on free-range egg production, fusing traditional free-range farming methods, high animal welfare standards, and cutting-edge technology.

From a flock of a few hundred hens, we now manage over 30,000 Bovan Brown laying Hens.

To supplement our ever increasing customer demand we are supported by an expanding group of Free Range Egg producers located in the Westcountry. We work very closely with our Farmers sharing information, knowledge and best farming practice. All our partners work to the same exacting standards as they are as passionate about Eggs as ourselves. Our one aim is to produce the very best in Free Range Eggs for you to enjoy.

We are now a highly successful free range egg producer and packer supplying eggs to all sectors of the food industry from local business to multinational companies. Using the latest advances in packing technology, our impressive list of credentials are testimony to our dedication in producing the highest quality eggs from the most contented of hens.

Our recent investment in a state of the art Egg grading and Packing centre ensures that we are able to grade and pack all our Farm eggs with the minimum of delay to ensure we supply you with the freshest, tastiest Egg.

We are extremely proud of our commitment to the environment and our surroundings. We have many initiatives running at present:

  • 6,000 trees planted keep our lovely ladies happy
  • The management of the trees gives us wood which we chip to power our Biomass boiler that generates electricity to power the packing operation.
  • Solar panels are installed on the roofs of the hens’ shed, supplying energy to help power the sheds themselves.
  • Rainwater harvesting captures the natural rain water for which there are many uses around the farm operations.
Award winning company

Taste of the WestWe are proud winners of the prestigious Taste of the West awards and you will find our tasty eggs on your local retailer’s shelves.